2022 Concours in Paradise Photos

It was a bright and sunny day in Carmel Valley Community Park when the Porsche Club held its annual Concours.  People shrugged off their pandemic doldrums and came out to see the whole spectrum of Porsches, including 356s, 914s, 944s, a Taycan, and a wide range of 911s.  The judged cars were on the left of the path and were parked four deep.  The display cars were on the right of the path and were also parked four deep.  The early birds were parked in the shade.  The judges were inspecting the cars.  Dave Aliotti was taking a break from registration and checking out the cars while Nancy Rogers held down the fort.  The caterer was barbecuing up a storm in preparation for a delicious lunch.  It was a fine time to be in Carmel Valley and a fine time to be a Porsche Club member.

Photos by Vega Roecker