In the Zone, Colin Fat’s Note for February 2019

The year has started off with the completion of new elections at all of the 10 regions which comprise Zone 7 with new presidents being elected at Redwood, Monterey Bay, Loma Prieta, Sierra Nevada, and Diablo regions. Leading Redwood will be Chip Witt, Monterey Bay, Steve Taty, John Reed, Loma Prieta Region, Mildred Smith, Sierra Nevada Region, and Diablo Region new president, Brian Adkins. Congratulations to these new leaders and a big thank you for the other region presidents for serving another year.

On the Zone volunteer board, Rik Larson, Sacramento Valley Region, was recently re-elected for a second term as the Zone 7 secretary and Howard Thomas, Diablo Region, has stepped up to be our new Zone 7 treasurer. Thank you both for your support.

John D’Angelo, Zone 7 Concours chair, is looking for a volunteer to train as his replacement for 2020. If you have the time to serve or need additional info about the position please drop John or me an email with your questions or level of interest.

The Zone competition calendar has been posted to the zone website and includes all dates for the concours series while the autocross calendar is nearly complete. Redwood Region autocross chair, Greg Matsumoto and his team are looking at a new site and hope to have additional dates to add to the Zone series. For the club racers in the region, it looks like the West Coast Series, a part of the national PCA Club Racing program, will have a total of nine events with 8 events scheduled at tracks in California and 1 event in Colorado.

I participated in the zone representative’s conference call in January, and will also be attending the winter board of directors meeting in Seattle in February. As part of my training as your new Zone Rep, I will be attending PCA University which is part of the winter board meeting to be held in Seattle. I will also be attending the Zone 8 presidents meeting in southern California at the invitation of David Witteried, Zone 8 Rep, to see how other zones handle their presidents meeting.

Looking ahead to many of the events of interest in the Zone as well as PCA are the following;  PCA Treffen Santa Barbara, Hilton Beachfront Resort, April 3-6, 2019 (registration opens January 16th);  Zone 7 Tour with Shasta Region, June 6-10, 2019 (registration opens January 28th);  Porsche Parade, Boca Raton, Florida, Waldorf Astoria, July 21-27, 20109 (registration opens February 4th);  Werks Reunion Monterey, August 16, 2019; Porsche Parade, Greater Palm Springs, California, June 21-27, 2020.