In the Zone – September 2022

Golden Gate Region Hosts Zone Concours:

Collin Fat
Zone 7 Rep

Golden Gate region hosted a Zone 7 Concours series event on August 7th at Porsche Redwood City. The event was sponsored by Porsche Redwood City who went out of their way to host a barbeque lunch and provided live entertainment in addition to opening their facility to nearly 100 club members. The concours field featured some 35 judged cars competing for year end awards as well as more than 25 cars on display. The parking lot was jam packed with overflow parking on the street. A big thank you goes out to Golden Gate Region concours chair, Mike Sherman, for organizing another great event.

Sacramento Valley Region Announces CRAB is Back:

Sacramento Valley Region will host CRAB 38 the weekend of April 21-23, 2023 after a long absence due to the pandemic. This will be the 38th CRAB and is the longest running, multi-region, multi-day event in Zone 7.

So what is this multi-day, multi-region event we call CRAB? Let’s start off with an explanation of the acronym in the word “CRAB”. The letter “C” stands for crab feed, the letter “R” stands for rally, the letter “A” stands for autocross and the letter “B” stands for the German word “begegnen” which means a gathering or meeting.  Simply, it’s a weekend to celebrate all things Porsche. It’s a chance to socialize with like-minded fans of the Porsche brand. It is also a wonderful way for new members to get immersed in the fun and social aspects of the club all in one weekend. In addition to the events described above, CRAB also includes a day long tour, concours, and a beer and brat on the final day of the event. The event has attracted well over 300 PCA members at each CRAB which has been held since 1972, when a small group of SVR members, Rich Farlinger, Jim Karver, Ray Johansen, and Phillip Marks conceived the concept which was held at El Macero Country Club in El Macero. To date, the club has hosted 37 CRABS and has gained a regional and Zone 7 reputation for being one of the most anticipated multi-region, multi-day events in Northern California.

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