St. Patricks Day Drive, March 17th 2019

Steve Douglas is leading a drive on March 17th, St Patricks Day, from Santa Cruz 9am. and returning back later that afternoon.  Since there several MBR members in the Santa Cruz side of the bay I would like to invite all to join in.  It is a Loma Prieta Region event, mostly for the event insurance, and will have people from the 356, 912 and other Porsche groups too.  I know it is the same weekend as the HMSA races at Laguna, so that might keep some from going.  Attached information in PDF format with the basic information, and it is important that interested people RSVP so we can have emails to update the information, weather and mountain roads may require last minute changes.

St. Paddy’s Day Warm Up Drive

March 17th Sunday,

9:00am Meeting Point #1 Santa Cruz   Java Junction Coffee and Bakery

Located in the Gateway Plaza (Cost Plus)  River St. Near Highway #1 and #9

10-10:15am Meeting Point #2 Saratoga Gap Parking lot at the Intersection of Highway 9 and #35 (Skyline Blvd.)

Please RSVP with E mail for updates, as weather and road conditions may change the drive.  to


The drive, weather permitting, will start in Santa Cruz, then a 30 miles of redwood mountains on Highway #9.  We will meet the “Valley Folks” at Skyline before continuing on to Skylonda (15 miles) and Alice’s Restaurant.   

Alice’s has become a destination place, just about anything in ground transportation shows up, from Bicycles, to Hummers.  We will take some time to check out the parking lot and bathrooms if need be, we will head off for lunch.  

The road to lunch will be 20 miles on Pescadero Creek Rd.  We could stop at Applejack’s a Biker Dive Bar, legendary as a music venue since the 60’s, you never know who might be found there, afternoons on the deck are really  popular.

Lunch at Duarte’s, in Pescadero, famous for their Artichoke Soup and Berry Pies, along with sandwiches and fish

Pescadero has some fun and interesting shops to visit before heading back home.

Those going south on #1 to Santa Cruz ,can opt to stop at the Westside Wine, Brewery and Shopping Complex on Swift and Ingalls Streets. 

Others may want to go North on Stage Rd to San Gregorio (General Store should be a stop) then right on #84 towards Woodside and #280, or retrace the morning route.