2019 Moto Talbott Museum

For those of you that came, thank you so much for signing up and attending the MBY-PCA Octoberfest!  I don’t even know where to begin to detail the event.

I will start by thanking those folks that helped with signing members in and getting them parked and getting them wristbands.  Natasha Zelig, Steve Cate and Dave Hitchcock lead the effort there.

Dave Terdy was, as usual, way ahead of the curve with first finding and suggesting the Talbott Moto Museum, and then he shook out Chris D’Amelio from Red House Cafe in PG.  Chris was fantastic and prepared exactly what we asked of him!!  We wanted to keep it simple and true to an Octoberfest.  The sausages, potato salad and sauerkraut were wonderful.

To top it off, it was Chris’ birthday!!  The best part is that Chris is an MBY member!  Chris gave us a great deal!  Thank you, Chris!  We are fans!

The Talbott Moto Museum.  Wow!  What a perfect place to have an Octoberfest!  Everyone at the museum was wonderful, friendly, supportive and helpful.  I am so glad that we went there.  Dave and I had spent 3 hours with Jolynn and Robb Talbott and got to see all the incredible exhibits they have.

Whether you like motorcycles or not, are fearful of them or love them, as a museum it is just spectacular and part of world history.  The bikes are, in fact, from all over the world, and they are museum quality.  Only the best of the best get into this museum.

Last but by no means least are you, the MBY members.  You guys were amazing!!  I cannot thank you enough for coming out and sharing your day with us.  Driving your cars to Carmel Valley Center and spending the day with your fellow club members.  Wow! Just Wow!!  Thank You.  And, you know the best part.  Staff at Talbott Moto Museum loved you guys as well.  They were so complimentary of everyone.  Their smiles were so sincere.

Several have suggested that we return to The Talbott Moto Museum next year for Octoberfest.  For those that were unable to attend, we missed you!  Octoberfest and gatherings are as much about attendees as the are about the location.

Steve Taty
MBY President

P.S. Enjoy the photos taken by Vega, Rich, Natasha, Dave and myself…