In the Zone – July 2022

Porsche Parade 2022 Sets Attendance Record:

Collin Fat
Zone 7 Rep

The 2022 Porsche Parade was held at the Kalahari Resort in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania from June 12-18th. According to Parade chair, Ron Gordon, it was the most attended Parade ever with more than 1,100 primary attendees and some 2,700 members in total. There were at least 1,000 Porsches parked in the reserved parking lot not including the amazing special edition and historic cars on display as well. Wow, it was a great sight to be seen. I think that the Parade committee was more focused on attracting the young families with children to attend Parade and this could not be more evident than in the 110 PCA Parade Juniors in attendance. This number far exceeded any Parade Junior’s participation ever and a lot of the credit goes to PCA National Juniors chair, Jay Gratton. Having a huge water park at the resort, I am sure, was a big draw.

The weather for most of the week was amazingly mild with some rain experienced in the early AM each day. The concours on Monday was initially moved from outside to inside one of the very large ballrooms at the resort due to a forecast for rain. However, on Sunday the concours was again moved outdoors adjacent to the convention center as the weather forecast improved. It was in fact a bit warmer that expected and all competitors as well as spectators enjoyed a fantastic concours, clear skies and no rain.

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