Name Tags

We, MBR, have a contract to make name tags for members.  I have attached an example of what they look like.  Black with yellow engraving.  The new ones have magnetic strips on the back rather than pins.  The pinned ones leave holes in clothes.

There are 19 name tags available to be made on this contract.  I know that I owe Sandy C. one for a missed spelling for his wife.  Gil L. told me he wants one.

Please let me know the exact spelling of that you want on your name tag.  And be sure to ask your significant other if they want one as well.

In order to not have a set up charge, I need at least 10 name tags ordered.

Name tags are $10 each.  Below is a picture of what they will look like.  Only with your name on it and not mine.  And there will only be a position noted if requested.  Yes, I can make jokes.

Steve Taty