Update from Peter Savale, MBY PCA President

Greetings! All!!
In today’s mail I received Dave & Nancy’s Councours announcement, and realized
that, info on my status was certainly due.
On Father’s Day evening I was admitted to CHOMP’s ER with 2 Blood Clots in my
right lung and one resting quietly behind my right knee…A “DVT”. By last Friday all
was under control, and I also learned that I am suffering from a previously undiagnosed
condition called Right Sided Pulmonary Hypertension…no time frame attached or history
offered except that I have been experiencing the Side Effects since my 1st back surgery in 2012.
which culminated on the evening of the 17th.
Today, I am a new man…I am under the care of the finest “Pulmonologist” at CHOMP. I feel great…awesome, in fact,
 and there is little else that I can say except, you now have a healthy President, and I hope to make this our best year.
Look forward to seeing a lot of you at the Concours, speaking on the phone, or send me a
quick text…Thank you for your support…
Peter E. Savale
President, Porsche Club MBR
Member, PCA National Bd. of Directors